Klar til at starte selv?

Er du kvinde og har du en forretningsidé? Så kan erfarne mentorer hjælpe dig i gang. Deltag i workshops og få redskaber til din opstart.

Why join?

Getting past the first draft of a business plan and figuring out your next steps is scary and confusing for most first-time founders. That is why we want to support you from an early stage, and why we do not expect you to work on your startups full-time, have an MVP and/or a complete founding team — yet.

How we will help you:

  • Tailored mentor matching: get one-to-one mentoring from an experienced founder who is ahead if you in the startup roller coaster, and a good fit for your situation and industry
  • Founders-to-founders sparring: build a solid support system and get honest feedback on your challenges from the diverse perspectives of your fellow founders in a structured and safe setting
  • Access to subject-matter experts: participate in workshops and open hour sessions with relevant experts in e.g. product-market fit, funding options, and building teams
  • Online courses and tools: our online platform will provide you with startup courses and curated tools that you can use as an on-demand toolbox
  • Curated deals and discounts: apply to our Founders Pack with a collection of discounted products and services (e.g. legal advice, CRM software, financial services) and get up to 75 000 DKK in a feasibility voucher for the purchase of expert advice and/or testing to validate your product/service
  • Stepping stone to scaling up: think of this program as a stepping stone to scaling up and potentially entering an award-winning accelerator program, raising pre-seed funding, being matched with well-known corporates, finding your new co-working space, etc.

The program is free of charge (all you need is to document the time spent on the activities through the program), and takes into consideration that you are likely to work on your startup on the side of e.g. a full-time job or studies.

Who can join?

To apply, you must be a first-time, Denmark-based female founder, at least one founder in your startup must have a Danish CPR-number, and if (!) you have a CVR-number it must have been registered after June 4, 2016.


What’s going to happen?

After the application process is finalized and if your startup has been accepted, you will receive a handbook with all necessary information and be connected with your assigned mentor.

The Female Founders Incubator is a collaboration between Beyond BetaAccelerace and Symbion, three key players in the Danish startup ecosystem, and you will meet representatives from the partner organizations throughout the program.



JANUARY 31, 2023