Hackathon: Future of Logistics


The logistics industry is undergoing a massive transformation in the current years!

The aftermath of the global pandemic, energy crises, labor shortage and the increase in e-commerce are causing a new and much more agile demand in the market.

Digital transformation is now the main disruptor in the logistics industry. New technologies are paving the way for plenty of new opportunities for tech-start-ups and innovators to create companies with a huge global potential.

We invite you to come join us at the Future of Logistics Hackathon in Billund. You can be a technical talent, innovative mind, aspiring startup – or an established company! We welcome anyone, who are up for solving the challenges. 


The Triangle Region is a national logistic hub and Cargo Center Billund and Billund Airport, are, among others, international key players, within transport, logistics and cargo.

Billund Airport and other significant players are eager to explore innovative solutions, which are linked to the airport and ports but also across the entire value chain and modalities in the logistics industry.

That’s why we want to invite tech-talent and aspiring start-ups to engage in the Future of Logistics Hackathon on 4-5 November 2022 – to come up with good ideas and solutions for challenges we are facing in the industries.


Through a facilitated process you will, in teams, be developing innovative solutions to challenges coming from the logistics, transportation, and cargo industry.

You can join either as a pre-defined team or as an individual.

That’s up to you.


The Hackathon takes place on November 4-5 (Friday – Saturday).